Hotel Medea

Hotel Medea is an act of resistance. It stands in direct opposition and in defiance of the aggressive mechanism of commodification of each and every human experience - the global monster that thrives on breaking our spirits, that wants to domesticate us and enslave us into experiencing art on its own terms, that wants to tell us that theatre starts at 8pm and can be preceded by a ‘pre-show dinner’ and followed by an 'after-show drink', that wants to tell us that the most viable way to make performance is to produce a one-man show for a 2500 strong seated audience. We defy these conditions to embrace the arbitrary meeting and the chance encounters where people unknown to one another live together for one night.

Hotel Medea is a trilogy based on the myth of Medea - a tale of revenge and ambition and love. The chapters are titled Zero Hour Market, Drylands and Feast of Dawn. The experience lasts from midnight to dawn and offers a ‘dramaturgy of participation’ to the audience member which involves; risk, intimacy and collective action in a way which sets out to re-write the ‘unspoken contract’ with the audience not as consumers, but as collaborators.

​Between 2009 and 2012 Hotel Medea received numerous awards and was the highest rated event in the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 by both press and audiences. In the UK, the trilogy was performed at the Arcola Theatre (2009), Trinity Buoy Wharf as part of LIFT Festival (2010), Summerhall Edinburgh (2011) and Hayward Gallery (2012). In Brazil, Hotel Medea toured Rio de Janeiro as part of TEMPO Festival and Brasilia at the Caixa Cultural Centre.

Gas Station Workshops

From February 2016, GAS Station will host a series of workshops led by ZU-UK directors with guests artists and technologists.


Phones started to ring as visitors walked past. Visitors could pick up the phones to interact with one of three fictional Brazilian artists.


Created in 2006 by Jorge Lopes Ramos and Persis Jade Maravala, the ​DRIFT International is an intensive professional development programme for emerging artists.

Humble Market

An interactive exhibition that combines art, performance and technology in three installations.

Who are ZU-UK?

ZU-UK love great ideas, whether or not they are art.

Formerly known as Zecora Ura and Para Active, ZU-UK is an established award winning independent theatre and digital arts company based in East London and Rio de Janeiro since 2001. Driven by an artistic partnership between Jorge Lopes Ramos and Persis Jade Maravala, ZU-UK aim to make transformational and unforgettable immersive art for the curious. As a British company that has successfully maintained a satellite base in Brazil for over a decade, ZU-UK has a strong track record of collaborating across cultures and artistic disciplines, delivering ambitious innovation with depth and integrity.

Why does ZU-UK exist?

ZU-UK believes in the transformative power of the human experience. We set out to purposefully give people tailor made experiences with a gift-giving impulse. As the world becomes more globalised we are increasingly losing the rituals and rites that unite us in a worthwhile communion with who we are and the essential desire to connect meaningfully. Therefore, we seek to design temporary secular, urban rituals as an attempt to ease loneliness in a hyper-connected world.

Making great art and supporting emerging artists are ZU-UK’s ways to contribute to a thriving, sustainable future for the arts. We believe extraordinary artists should advocate for their practice as a vital contributor to policy making, social and economic issues, activism and global politics as well as leading on cultural debates.

ZU-UK trusts artists. Art should never reproduce the dominant culture but always be seeking to understand the other sides, the hidden away, the story-not-told to the dominant ideology. We understand the risks and take them.

ZU-UK creates, presents and tours immersive experiences for individual audience members and temporary communities.

Our DRIFT International residencies provide emerging artists with an opportunity to challenge their own ideas in a diverse environment; to fast-track international partnerships through match-making; and to expand their practice by providing tools and vocabulary to enable collaboration within new disciplines and cultures.

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