Humble Market - Trade Secrets

Humble Market - Trade Secrets is an interactive exhibition that combines art, performance and technology in three installations created by Zecora Ura, in collaboration with Alastair Eilbeck and Brazilian artists Fabiano Fonseca, Henrique Roscoe, Éder Santos and DJ Dolores.

Commissioned originally for the Cultural Olympiad North West and the London2012 Festival, Humble Market - Trade Secrets offers visitors an irreverent and critical experience of mega events by inviting them to interact with each installation in their journey.

Humble Market - Trade Secrets has just been selected by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture to be part of the national arts programme in the host cities for the World Cup. The exhibition will be open in the period 13th June to 13th July in the city of Belo Horizonte.

Every 15 minutes, one of the actors starts a guided tour of the three digital installations. During this collective journey, visitors are invited to share personal secrets with each other and discuss the key pillars which make up contemporary lifestyles.

Binaural Dinner Date

Part interactive performance, part dating agency, Binaural Dinner Date invites genuine applications from people looking for love, or couples who simply want a very different dating experience. The couples are hosted by a live waiter/DJ and by a binaural audio feed. Over the course of the evening the participants are invited to engage with each other, share secrets, observe other dramas unfold, and play games that push social expectations and ‘acceptable’ table talk topics.


Phones started to ring as visitors walked past. Visitors could pick up the phones to interact with one of three fictional Brazilian artists.

Hotel Medea

Hotel Medea is an act of resistance. It stands in direct opposition and in defiance of the aggressive mechanism of commodification of each and every human experience.


ZU-UK want to make art for people who don’t think it’s for them in spaces art does not usually inhabit

Jorge Lopes Ramos, Executive Director

Formerly known as Zecora Ura and Para-Active, ZU-UK have been making live art works since 2001. We have an international reputation for creating high quality, critically acclaimed socially engaged performances and digital artworks that put the audience at the centre of the experience.

ZU-UK believes that when individuals are not underestimated, the strength of the collective experience builds thoughtful, playful and engaged communities. The more fractured the world becomes, the more out of touch we are with the rituals that unite us with our sense of self, and the essential desire to connect meaningfully. Therefore, ZU-UK seek to design secular contemporary rituals as an invitation to ease loneliness and make communities out of our audiences.

Art must not remain confined to traditional venues if it is to reach as diverse an audience as possible

Persis Jadé Maravala, Artistic Director

We work with whatever is at the company’s disposal to create extraordinary experiences for our audiences. ZU-UK don’t limit ourselves to particular artistic disciplines as we believe the form should suit the idea, and not the other way round. Therefore the form our work takes will change depending on each new artistic proposition.

Our six hour, overnight performance Hotel Medea (2009-2012) is considered a pioneer of what is today referred to as ‘immersive theatre’. ZU-UK’s work on the Dramaturgy of Participation has been widely written about and forms the basis for the company’s approach to audience experience.

We believe artists should champion their practice as a vital contributor to political discourse and cultural debate. ZU-UK have a rich history of cross-disciplinary collaboration which enables us to constantly questions our assumptions about art and art-making. This approach also allows us to constantly experiment with new methods of producing live art works and of finding different ways of articulating our practice to new communities.

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Economies of Experience

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